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wait so is James keeping the novapolitan look or will he cut it all off

and if he does we will see a baby faced, bald James and idk if I’m ready for that


I want the guys to replace whatever headwear James has with a pink alternative, therefore he’ll be Novapolitan no matter what.


Since James is leaving his mustache dark brown, his beard bleached and his hair pink, the combination of it all makes me think that if Slim Shady, Strawberry Shortcake and Hitler made a love child, he would be the offspring.


these photos are really just for my sake since i have to remove all the screencaps on my mother’s desktop (my laptop was being a lil shit today)


Aleks’ reaction to #Novapolitan


the only two screencaps that matter →


Yesterdays Charity stream was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for more, I mean:

  • Seamus’ hair sold for 85k (possibly)
  • The mask and the infamous hat were given away
  • Aleks got his legs waxed and Danz got his nipple ripped off
  • They ate 5lb gummy bears
  • James’ hair got bleached and is now…


I AM IN LOVe WITH MY HOME SCREEN (i included the original just in case someone wanted to use it but please credit me)

Aleks talking about James’ novapolitan hair (via naked4lyf)

I mean you look sort of punk…
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